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What is DLC Summer School?

Summer School at Sun West DLC creates a unique opportunity for learners to recover credits or pick up additional credits in a concentrated period of time. We offer a limited number of our regular high school classes, with each one starting on Tuesday, July 4th and ending on Tuesday, August 15th. These courses may not be taught by the same instructor that delivers the course during the regular school year; the list below indicates our specific summer school offerings with their summer school instructor.


Registration Deadline:
Monday June 26, 2017


Course(s) Start Date:
Tuesday July 4, 2017


Course(s) End Date:
Tuesday August 15, 2017

During the six week course, the learner spends the first five weeks exploring course content and the sixth week allows time to prep for and write the final exam.  If learners move at a faster pace, arrangements can be made to complete the course and write the exam in a shorter timeframe.

All summer school courses must be completed by August 15th.   After that date, learners will be removed from the course with no option to continue.  

Due to the intensity of Summer School, learners will only be permitted to take one course. 

For those looking to complete a course that was not successfully completed in June, we offer a credit recovery option. To confirm eligibility, please contact our Administration.


What courses are offered?

Class Teacher
4th Class Power Engineering A1 Carla Lorer
4th Class Power Engineering A2 Carla Lorer
4th Class Power Engineering B1 Carla Lorer
4th Class Power Engineering B2 Carla Lorer
Accounting 10 Renee Harrison
Astronomy 20L Paul Lehmkuhl
Biology 30 Phil Guebert
Calculus 30 Phil Guebert
Chemistry 30 Daniel Krause
ELA A10 Heather Phillips
ELA B10 Kayla Osika
Entrepreneurship 30 * Pat Telfer
History 10 Joe Krahn
History 20 Pat Telfer
History 30 Joe Krahn
Information Processing 10 ** Brian Johnston
Life Transitions 30 * Brian Johnston
Math Foundations 20 Paul Lehmkuhl
Math Foundations 30 Paul Lehmkuhl
Math Foundations and Precalculus 10 Paul Lehmkuhl
Math Pre-Calculus 20 Paul Lehmkuhl
Math Pre-Calculus 30 Phil Guebert
Math Workplace & Apprenticeship 10 Carla Lorer
Math Workplace & Apprenticeship 20 Carla Lorer
Math Workplace & Apprenticeship 30 Carla Lorer
Native Studies 30 Evan Pasternak
Physical Science 20 Daniel Krause
Physics 30 Daniel Krause
Psychology 20 Evan Pasternak
Psychology 30 Pat Telfer
Science 10 Daniel Krause

* Correspondence print based course.
** Must have the required software  as listed in the course description;  this will not be provided.

What is the cost?

Each course costs $500 and payment - by cheque only - must be received to confirm registration.   

Cheques can be sent to:
Sun West School Division
Box 700
501 1st Street West
Rosetown, SK  S0L 2V0


Learners registered with Sun West School Division as of April 1st, 2016 are eligible to take the course free of charge. They must provide a $250 deposit, which will be cashed and held in trust for the duration of the Summer School session. Deposits will be refunded immediately upon the successful completion of the course within the six week summer school window.

If a learner drops out of Summer School prior to July 11th, 2017 they will be refunded $250. There will be no refunds on or after that date.

For students outside of Sun West, consult your School Division to learn more about their policies around Summer School reimbursement.

If you have any other questions regarding DLC Summer School, please call us at 306.252.1000.

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