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Guided Learning Pathway

For some of our students, they appreciate the opportunity to set their own timeline and learning goals, working at their own pace. But for others, this is a stressful part of learning and they would benefit from additional structure and supports to help keep them on track.

New in 2017, we have introduced a Guided Learning Pathway to support our online learners. For learners who opt to follow our guided learning path, DLC course materials will remain accessible 24 hours a day and teachers continue to play an integral role.    

However, we’ve added for their benefit:

scheduled due dates for assignments and exams, and 

more frequent communication about upcoming due dates, progress towards completion goals and helpful tips for keeping on track.   

Guided learners will be able to work ahead of the given timeline, however, if unable to meet a due date, they are instructed to communicate that to the teacher - along with a plan for submitting that assignment - prior to the designated due date.   


If you would like to learn more about Guided Learning, please contact your DLC teacher or call (306) 252-1000.   


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