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Consider joining the Online Gaming Club, the Photography Club, the Environmental Club or the Outdoor Ed Club and become a part of something big.

This month, we're launching four new virtual clubs, each of which offers exciting new ways for you to learn about and do more of things you love with other DLC students who share your interests.

Online Gaming Club

The DLC Online Gaming Club invites students to gather in an online setting to engage in some strategic and interactive… fun.

Depending your gaming style, you might like:

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop role playing game that has been around since the 70’s. Through the years the game has been modified in various ways, and has recently sprung up online through online tabletop gaming tools. We will be running D&D through the Official D&D Adventurer’s League structure where students can log their hours and even take the characters they create into local game shops that support Adventurer’s League. For the first adventure, we will be playing Storm King’s Thunder where we will learn how to create characters, how the game mechanics work, and strategy in both combat and role play. Benefits to playing D&D include peer to peer interaction, teamwork (both in combat and other role playing situations), technology use within, and even basic coding!

Contact Aaron at to join or learn more.

Heroes of Warcraft is an online card game and is fundamentally based on the popular card game, Magic the Gathering. An introductory tutorial will be used to ensure we all have basic playing skills and then we'll advance through Standard mode, Wild mode, Tavern Brawl mode, and... (da da duh) Arena. Hearthstone is a free-to-play app that requires no mid-game purchases . Players can play against each other or watch each other play. Players refine problem-solving skills, engage in peer to peer interaction, and put their math-brains to work.

Join up today by contacting Jesse at

Outdoor Education Club

This winter we are going to be offering a Winter Camping Trip for those brave enough to join!

Winter camping you ask? Sounds cool, literally! During the day, we’ll traverse the land by cross-country ski and snowshoe, and when we get hungry, test our winter survival skills with fire building, marshmallow roasting and bush pie making. We’re going to experience Saskatchewan winter in a way you likely haven’t before!

And at night, we’ll spend our evenings by the campfire with other DLC students and teachers. When the day winds to a close, we’ll bundle up in our homemade quinzhees, which are like igloos, and catch a bit of shut-eye. (Don’t worry, we will have back-up cabins to stay in if it gets too chilly.)

The camping trip is tentatively scheduled for early March with the exact date, location and cost to be determined.

Activities will be subject to change based on weather and snow conditions.

Email Nicole at if you want to book your snowshoes, learn more about quinzhees or have a great bush pie recipe to share.

Environmental Club

Worm composting? Solar power? Bat-houses?

Interested in improving the environment in your home, community and beyond?

DLC Environmental Club is looking for students who have ideas for projects and activities that you are already doing or would like to learn more about. Students will be able to share their ideas and successes to inspire others. There may be an optional field trip component as well.

Contact Paul at for more information.

Photography Club

Photography expert or newbie with a camera? You're welcome either way.

Students will gather on Google Hangouts for biweekly meetings where they will share and discuss their latest creative genius. They will explore the theory behind a great photo as well as putting to use their newfound knowledge with hands-on camera work. In friendly competition with their club mates, students will compete for the honour of 'best shot'. Depending on the wishes of the group, optional face-to-face meetings may be scheduled.

Contact Michelle at to sign up.

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