Agricultural Equipment Technician and Parts Technician Work Placements

Course Fees

For non-Sun West students, course fees for a typical high school elective are $500; however, thanks to the generous support of our partners at the Western Equipment Dealers Association and their funding arm, the Canada Equipment Dealers Foundation, there is no fee to AET students.

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Considerations for Outside of Sun West Administrators

For high school students registered with a division other than Sun West that want to enroll in AET 20L, AET 30L or PT 30L which include a work placement, a series of considerations must be addressed. Doing so in a timely manner ensures that all of the necessary stakeholders are engaged in the conversation so the student can start learning as soon as possible.

We encourage you to consider the following:

  • It is recommended that the division have policies and procedures in place for off-site, work-based learning opportunities for students.
  • The DLC will provide assessment tools to guide the teacher, supervisor and/or the business owner/manager through the work placement; to be employed at the division’s discretion.
  • Students are responsible for any necessary workplace attire/materials (i.e. steel-toed boots, coveralls, etc.)

Work placements will be arranged by the AET coordinator in conjunction with the student’s local Career Work Experience (CWEX) coordinator and must be supervised by a teacher in their division.

It is also recommended the CWEX teacher conduct a minimum of two on-site visitations within the first 25 hours of work-based learning and at least one on-site visitation for each additional 25 hours.

We strive to accommodate the policies and procedures of our partner School Divisions as they pertain to off-site work placements. If/when these provisions do not exist or they contradict those of Sun West, additional discussion is required.


Contact Lori Gasper, AET Coordinator at or phone (306) 252-1000 to further explore this option