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Special Project Credit 10/20/30

***Important Note*** This offering of a Special Project Credit through the Sun West DLC is only for Home Based Students registered with the Sun West School Division.


Opportunities for learning exist outside of regular school programs and course offerings. A Special Project Credit enables two possibilities. First, students become involved in the selection, planning, and organizing of their own programs. Second, students pursue activities in which they have considerable interest or ability but which may not be within the scope of the regular school curriculum or the current program offerings in the school. 

  1. The school will administer the Special Project Credit process within ministry guidelines and school division policy.

  2. The Special Project Proposal(s) must be in place and approved prior to the student beginning the project(s).

  3. Special Project(s) may be used up to three times as electives to meet the 24 credit requirement for Secondary Level completion, or once to meet the Adult 12 requirement at the Secondary Level.

  4. The content of the Special Project(s) need not be related to a specific school subject. If a special project is related to a specific school subject, the content of the project shall be distinct from and in addition to regular course requirements.

  5. Special Project(s) must require a minimum of 100 hours of work.

  6. Each project shall be carried out under the supervision of a teacher.

  7. When a project takes a student off campus, the provision of Administrative Procedures 240 Career Development for coordinating and monitoring shall apply, as appropriate.

  8. Student activities that would be considered a normal part of extra-curricular or co-curricular activities generally offered by a school may not be given Special Project Credit recognition (e.g., school team sports, school newspaper, yearbook student representative positions).

  9. Student activities that are an extension of what would be consdiered extra-curricular or co-curricular activities may be used provided continuous practice skills (repetition of drills or activities) only account for a maximum of 20% of the overall project work and assessment.

  10. Students are required to submit a clearly planned proposal using Form 216-1 Special Project Credit Template to the principal and Superintendent of Education with responsibilities for curriculum for approval before the student begins the special project.

Additional details will be made available upon registration in the course, or can be viewed in AP 216 and form 216-1 on the Sun West School Division site.

The teacher mentor for the special projects will be Ms. Renee Harrison in conjunction with DLC administration.

If you require more information, please contact Ms. Harrison or call (306) 252-1000.


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