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Social Studies 6

Social Studies is a Required Area of Study in Saskatchewan’s Core Curriculum. In this course, students will examine the social and cultural diversity that exists in the world, focusing on Canada and a few countries that border the Atlantic Ocean. They will understand how global interdependence impacts individuals and certain countries. Students will explore the aspects of cultural change over time. Students will analyze the impact of the diversity of natural environments; ways in which the land affects human settlement patterns, social organization, and how human habitation affects land; the strategies human societies have used to orient themselves within time and place in the natural environment; and relate contemporary issues to their historical origins in Canada and a selection of countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Students will examine the relationship between an individual’s power and authority and the power and authority of others; analyze the distribution of power and privilege in Canada and a selection of countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean; and explore examples and explain how people, such as ethnic minority groups, the disabled, youth, and the elderly, may be affected by injustice or abuses of power. Students will examine and analyze factors that contribute to quality of life, including material and non-material factors; and contribute to initiating and guiding change in local and global communities regarding environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Units of Study:

Global Interdependence
Celebrating People and Places
Power and Privledge
Your Choice, Your Voice

Required Resources:

Saskatchewan Social Studies 6 Textbook

Supplied Resources:
Saskatchewan Social Studies 6 Textbook
Social Studies 6 Student Workbooks


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