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Social Studies 5

Social Studies is a Required Area of Study in Saskatchewan’s Core Curriculum. In this course, students will demonstrate and understanding of the Aboriginal heritage of Canada; and analyze the evolution of Canada as a multicultural nation. Students will analyze the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada; assess the impact of the environment on the lives of people living in Canada; and identify the European influence on pre-confederation Canadian society.

Students will describe Canada’s political evolution; explain the purposes and functions of governance structures in Canada, including First Nations systems and those patterned on the Westminster parliamentary system; and develop an understanding of the nature of the treaty relationship between First Nations and Canada’s federal government. They will also explain the importance of sustainable management of the environment to Canada’s future; and hypothesize about economic changes that Canada may experience in the future.

Units of Study:

Unit 1: Building Canada
Unit 2: Canada: The Land and People
Unit 3: Governance: Decision Making in Canada
Unit 4: Sustaining Our Future

Supplied Resources:
Pearson Saskatchewan Social Studies 5
Social Studies 5 Student Workbooks


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