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Social Studies 2

Social studies is a Required Area of Study in Saskatchewan’s Core Curriculum. The provincial requirement for social studies is 150 minutes per week at this grade level.  This means that you should spend about 30 minutes each day of the school week on your social studies course. You can also arrange it in larger chunks and go every other day.

Social studies education is the study of people and their relationships with all of their environments. Students are encouraged to make connections to their own lives as they explore and apply knowledge, skills, thinking processes, and values. The social studies program provides opportunity for students to develop a sense of themselves as active participants in their world (personal, local, national, and global).

Grade 2 students explore the meaning of community, and focus upon their lives as members of various communities to which they belong. While identifying the characteristics common to communities, students will also begin to recognize diversity within their communities.  Students will explore the history of their community, and those who contributed to its development over time.  Treaty education focuses upon Treaty relationships in the local community, in both traditional and contemporary contexts.

Grade 2 social studies students will also explore the influence of the natural environment on their communities, and begin to interpret basic features of maps and globes.  As well, students in Grade 2 will explore the processes and individuals involved in decision making within their communities, and examine, the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizens with the community.   

Through the experience of Grade 2 social studies, students will begin to contribute to sustainability of their local and global community.

Units of Study:

  1. What is a Community?
  2. Where is My Community?
  3. Meeting Needs and Wants With Resources
  4. The History of My Community
  5. Belonging to a Community

Required Resources:

Supplied Resources:
Social Studies 2 Student Workbooks


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