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Social Studies 1

The purpose of social studies is to help students know and appreciate the past, understand the present, influence the future, and make connections between events and issues of the past, the present, and the future.

According to the Saskatchewan Curriculum, the four goals of the Social Studies education are to:

  • Examine the local, indigenous, and global interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies, cultures, and nations. (IN)
  • Analyze the dynamic relationships of people with the land, environments, events, and ideas as they have affected the past, shape the present, and influence the future (DR).
  • Investigate the processes and structures of power and authority, and the implications for individuals, communities, and nations (PA).
  • Examine various worldviews about the use and distribution of resources and wealth in relation to the needs of individuals, communities, nations, and the natural environment, and contribute to sustainable development (RW).

Units of Study:

  1. What is a Family?
  2. Meeting Needs and Wants
  3. Where Are We?
  4. Connecting to the Past
  5. What is a Good Citizen?

Supplied Resources:
Social Studies 1: Social Studies Student Workbooks


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