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Science 8

Science 8 is part of the core curriculum at this grade level. The course is meant to build on students’ prior experience in science, adding to their understanding by engaging them in a variety of activities.

List of Assignments

Science 8 is provided as a series of lessons, grouped by unit, on the SunWest Moodle. The resource for the course is Pearson Saskatchewan Science 8, which matches our provincial curriculum. Each unit begins with an overview of the topic. Each lesson has a video support provided, and this support gets students started by providing a brief overview of the lesson. Depending on the requirements of the lesson, there may also be links to videos which reinforce concepts. The course has been designed such that the majority of activities can easily be done at home, using readily available household materials.

Units of Study

Physical Science – Optics and Vision
Physical Science – Forces, Fluids, and Density
Life Science – Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems
Earth and Space Science – Water Systems on Earth

Required Resources:

Pearson Saskatchewan Science 8 Textbook

Supplied Resources:
Pearson Saskatchewan Science 8 Textbook
Science 8 Student Workbooks


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