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Physical Science 20 - 6247

Pre-Requisite: Science 10

Delivery Method Online Asynchronous, Synchronous (Sun West School Students)

Course Description

This course combines elements of Chemistry 20 and Physics 20 in an integrated hands-on manner to investigate concepts related to heating and cooling, the foundations of chemistry, including the mole and quantitative analysis of molecules and chemical reactions, and the characteristics and properties of electromagnetic radiation. An overarching theme is the study of the enterprise of public and private science as it occurs in agriculture, industry, and universities to help students better understand the physical science related career paths. Student inquiry will guide independent investigations of physical science phenomena.

Units of Study:

Units 1 and 2 - Properties of Waves, Mirrors and Lenses
Unit 3 – Heat
Units 4 and 5 – Chemistry, The Mole and Stoichiometry
Unit 6 – Heat in Chemical Reactions
Student Directed Study Project
Careers Project

List of Assignments (word)

Note - Final Exams will require supervision.Details will follow from your instructor if you choose to register.

Suggested Career Pathways*:

Engineer, Optometrist, Lab Technician

*Please consult with a guidance counsellor.

Supplied Resources:
All are provided online.


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