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Math Workplace & Apprenticeship 30 - 8423

Pre-requisite Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 20

Delivery Method Online Asynchronous

Course Description

Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics courses focus on the application of mathematical concepts and skills to real-world contexts, enabling learners to make connections between school mathematics and the workplace. This course may be suitable for learners who plan to enter a trade, pursue post-secondary studies at a college, or enter the workforce directly after graduation from high school.

Topics in this course include logical reasoning, measurements, sine and cosine law, geometry, small business, linear relations, measures of central tendency, percentiles, and probability.

Units of Study

  • Linear Relations
  • Limits to Measurement
  • Statistics
  • Probability and Odds
  • Properties of Geometric Figures
  • Transformations
  • Trigonometry
  • Owning a Small Business

Supplied Resource

  • E-text: MathWorks 30, Angst, C., Borgen, K., Dominik, B., Healy, M., & Kaisser, A.

Required Resources

  • Scientific calculator
  • Ruler

Suggested Career Pathways

  • Welder
  • Autobody Mechanic
  • Licensed Practical Nurse

Instructor: Carla Lorer

Carla Lorer

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