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Kindergarten ELA

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English Language Arts is a required area of study in Saskatchewan’s Core Curriculum. The aim of the curriculum is to help students understand and appreciate language, and to use it confidently and competently in a variety of situations for learning, communication, work, life, and personal satisfaction.

In Kindergarten an approach that promotes language and literacy through inquiry and play should be used. It is important to set time for child-initiated play with the active presence of an adult to facilitate reading and writing skills. You must share all types of texts, and have thought-provoking discussions with the student. This course is meant to guide you in setting up a program where the student is actively engaged in inquiry and playful learning.

We are providing you with information on how to teach the alphabet, because we feel that if your child is ready to print and read the letters, they should learn the proper way. Practices are difficult to change once they have been established. e.g. how to hold a pencil and form letters.

The Ministry has not established a set requirement for minutes per week. When using the play approach the subjects can be integrated in many ways. However, the required time for ELA in Grade One is approximately 560 minutes each week, so half of that is 280. Some Kindergartens are half day every day, and some are full days every other day. You can use this time as a guideline and determine how you will schedule this. To facilitate this approach, we have set the course up by weeks, and you should work on activities related to the outcomes in the ELA curriculum for about 280 minutes at some time during that week.

We will assume that the student does not know any letters or words. It is expected that the student will have an adult with them to facilitate his/her learning. Therefore, this course is written to the at-home instructor.

The ELA program covers six specific communication skills (often called strands). The student should regularly be involved in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing.

Supplied Resources:
Course Instructor’s Handbook
Alphabet Puppets and Stories
Alphabet Activities
ELA Print Lessons – 36 weeks


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