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Food Studies 30 - 8858

Pre-Requisite: None

Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous

This course will allow students to develop consumer knowledge and personal skills towards cooking healthy and nutritious meals. There will be several cooking labs in this course for you to explore quick and healthy meals, ethnic foods, food preservation, and the basics of making homemade soups. You will complete your Food Safe Level 1 course and have a chance to explore the technological advances in food production and preparation.

Units of Study:

  1. Kitchen and Food Safety
  2. Canada’s Food Guide and Beyond
  3. Make Mine Quick and Healthy
  4. Science Nutrition and Food Issues
  5. Current Food Issues
  6. The Canadian Food Mosaic
  7. The World of Soup
  8. Food Preservation and Food Additives
  9. Exploring Careers

Suggested Career Pathways:
Chef, baker, entrepreneurship, nutritionist, dietician, health and food inspector

Required Resources:
In this course you will be completing several food labs.

***You will be required to supply your own ingredients for each of the food labs.***

Supplied Resources:
Food Safe Level 1


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