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ELA B30 - 8018

Pre-Requisite: ELA 20
Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous

List of Assignments

This ELA B30 course is strictly a World Literature course that includes poetry, stories, essays, longer pieces of literature and other elements to look at the variety of themes commonly used in general literature. The two different units of study basically separate the literature into larger themes of Self Identity and Shared Human Experiences. A focus is made to consider a wide variety of author backgrounds, including international indigenous groups. The course includes instructional videos and activities to guide the learner through the background needed for literature analysis and comprehension techniques as well as essential skills needed to write for different purposes.

Units of Study:

  1. The Search for Self
  2. The Social Experience

Suggested Career Pathways*:
Journalist, Author, Actor, Reporter
*Please consult with a guidance counselor.


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