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Within this course we will be doing a wide variety of language arts activities which will include reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and representing.  

These activities will fall into the 6 strands of ELA:  Comprehend and Respond, Compose and Create, and Assess and Reflect.  The activities are described in a lesson plan for you to follow which will include video instructions, handouts and assessments.

Units of Study:

Looking for Answers
Peace and Conflict
Taking Flight
Off the Page
Tales – Heroes, Deeds, and Wonders

Supplied Resources:
Gage Cornerstone 6a
Write Traits – Student Traitbook
Cursive Writing Practice
Novel - Number the Stars
Collections - Looking for Answers
Collections - Space, Stars and Quasars
Collections - Off The Page
Collections - Heroes, Deeds, and Wonders
ELA 6 Student Workbooks


Instructor: Karen McConnell

Karen McConnell

Phone: (306) 252-1000

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