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English Language Arts is a required area of study in Saskatchewan’s Core Curriculum. The aim of the curriculum is to help students understand and appreciate language, and to use it confidently and competently in a variety of situations for learning, communication, work, life, and personal satisfaction. We need to communicate every day, so we should learn to do it well!

The required minutes for ELA are approximately 560 minutes each week - that is 1 hour and 52 minutes per day. You need to set aside this much time in order to complete this course and be successful. Lesson plans and videos guide and model for the student in all areas: reading, writing, speaking, listening, representing, and viewing. The student will need assistance from the at-home instructor.

Units of Study:

  1. Knowing Myself, My Family and My Friends
  2. Getting There/My Country, My World
  3. Animal Tales
  4. Wind and Water
  5. Celebrate Reading

Supplied Resources:
Gage Cornerstones Anthologies 2a
Nelson Spelling
Evan-Moor Daily 6-Trait Writing
Printing Workbook
ELA 2 Student Workbooks
Gage Cornerstones Anthologies 2b


Instructor: Allison de Hoop

Allison de Hoop

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Phone: (306) 252-1000
Fax: (306) 252-2150