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Chemistry 30 - Synchronous - 8256


Chemistry 20

Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous, Synchronous (Sun West School Students)

Course Description

Chemistry 30 builds on what was learned in Chemistry 20… and then some! We begin with a review of Chemistry 20 and then quickly move into one of the more common themes in this course, solutions and solubility. We then briefly look at thermodynamics and rates of reactions. The course concludes with an in depth look at equilibrium, acids and bases, and finally electrochemistry.

This course has an open book departmental and comes with a resource package with all reference sheets needed for assignments and exams, like the periodic table and solubility curves.

Units of Study:

  1. Review of Chemistry 20
  2. Solutions and Solubility
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Reaction Kinetics
  5. Equilibrium
  6. Acid & Base Equilibria
  7. Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry

List of Assignments (word)

Note - Final Exams will require supervision.Details will follow from your instructor if you choose to register.






Suggested Career Pathways*:




Chemist, Bio-Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Toxicologist

*Please consult with a guidance counsellor.

Supplied Resources:
All are available online.


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