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Biology 30 - 8255

Pre-requisite: Health Science 20 or Environmental Science 20

Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous Course

Course Description

Through the study of living things, learners will begin to understand and appreciate the vastness of our world. We will explore how all living things demonstrate a base level of similarity and, conversely, the ways they are unique. We will study how living things obtain energy, utilize nutrients and transport substances within their structure.

Biology 30 also dives into the concepts of genetics, cell structure and function, the diversity of life - at the cellular and organ system levels – as well as looking at evolution.

Units of Study

  • Unit 1: What is Life?
  • Unit 2: Energy and Transport
  • Unit 3: Genetics
  • Unit 4: Diversity of Life
  • Unit 5: Evolution

Required Resources

Scientific Calculator (on occasion)

Suggested Career Pathways

  • Marine Biologist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Science Teacher
  • Biochemist
  • Veterinarian

Instructor: Phil Guebert

Phil Guebert

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Phone: (306) 252-1000
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