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Equine Studies 10L - 5341

Pre-Requisite: none
Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous

Due to the seasonal nature of this course, we recommend that students opt to take this course for the full school year.


*** In the video it suggests that you may learn to drive a tractor. This is meant to be an example only. You will learn about maintaining equipment in the equine environment, but there is choice and we can work with individual situations. If you have an interest in horses, the equine courses are a great opportunity to get a high school credit while pursuing a passion. Please call if you have questions.



Equine 10 is a 100 hour course that facilitates learning in the subject area of horses. It has been designed as a locally determined option to meet the needs of a variety of student interests. The student will access Moodle for information and assignments to be completed and submitted to the DLC instructor. Equine 10 focuses on:

Horse Production – genetic development, classes, types, breeds, colours, markings.

Safe Handling and Behaviour – Understand horse senses, defense mechanisms, body language; approach, groom, halter, lead, and tie a horse.

Maintain Equine Facilities and Environment – common stable equipment, clean stalls.

Maintain Equine Health – knowledge of anatomy, physiology, conformation, abnormal and normal demeanour

Administer Nutritional Programs – nutrition, feed and water requirements

There will be no final exam for this course. Evaluation will include assignments, skills demonstrations, and a final project/portfolio which will include a section on career and Post-Secondary options.

For homework, the students will be required to create videos and submit them to their instructor in order to demonstrate course skills. Therefore, students will need access to a horse and facilities.

This course is hosted on the Sun West Moodle Website and also available in a print-based package.

Suggested Career Pathways*:
Pasture Rider, Horse Trainer, Groom, Equine Chiropractor, Vet Clinic Employee, Barn hand

*Please consult with a guidance counselor.

Supplied Resources:

All resources are supplied online.


Instructor: Melanie Kerpan

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