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Power Engineering Class 4 A1 - Adults Of Age 22 or Older - Required Textbook Package Part 1

Adults aged 22 years or older are required to purchase their own textbooks for the 4th Class Power Engineering program.  This is a mandatory purchase, and after you register for the course you own the books.  Therefore, there are no refunds for the textbooks in the case that the course is dropped.

The fee for the textbooks for 4th Class Power Engineering A1 is $750.

However, note that in order to allow students to pay for the books by credit card we had to add the Required Textbook Package Part 1 and 2 as 'courses' due to how our registration system works.  Unfortunately, our system will also not let us charge any other amount than $500.  Therefore, the total charged for the textbooks (both Part 1 and 2) is $1000.  After registration, you will be refunded $250.

So, in summary, Adults 22 years or older will experience the following during registration:

1.  On the first page of the student registration form, you will select the 6th 'Student is:' option.

2.  On the Course Request Page you will need to register for the following courses:

- 4th Class Power Engineering - A1
- 4th Class Power Engineering - A1 - Adults Of Age 22 or Older - Required Textbook Package Part 1
- 4th Class Power Engineering - A1 - Adults Of Age 22 or Older - Required Textbook Package Part 2

3.  On the Payment Page, you will be charged $500 for the A1 course, plus $1000 for the two textbook package courses.  The total for this payment page will be $1500, plus any other fees for other courses you may have registered for.  If you pay with credit card, you will receive access to the course immediately and the books will be in the mail as soon as possible.  Note that if you pay by credit card there will be an exta charge of $15.24 per course and these textbook package 'courses' also have this extra charge.

4.  Upon receiving the online form, and if credit card has been used to pay, you will be refunded $250 within the next couple of working days.  The charge on your credit card will show up about 1 week after the registration form is received.

5.  If you happen to want to pay for your courses and textbooks with a cheque, you can indicate this on the payment page.  Your books will be sent to you once the cheque is received and processed.  Details will follow once your online registration form is submitted.  In this event, you need only pay $1250 with a cheque for the A1 course and the textbooks.


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