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Obtain Post-Secondary Credits in High School


Enrol in one of 20 dual credit classes and simultaneously earn credits at high school and university or college.


Dual Credit Courses

Summer School


Summer School at Sun West DLC creates a unique opportunity for learners to recover credits or pick up additional credits in a concentrated period of time.


Health-Care Career


Are you interested in pursuing a health-care career? Learn about the role of a Continuing Care Assistant and explore how you can begin your training while still in high school


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In our online learning environment, you have choice over the pace, time, path and place of your education.

From Kindergarten to Grade 12,

you choose how, when and where learning aligns with your interests, lifestyle and schedule. Then we provide the resources and support that you can access when and where it works for you.



  • Select specific course start and end date
  • Accelerate or extend timelines
  • Focus on one course at a time or manage multiple courses simultaneously




  • Learn at home, in a library, a church or any accessible venue conducive to learning
  • Get help from instructors via email, phone, Skype or in-person @ the DLC

Maybe you’re:

enrolled in a traditional school but are looking for more options for high school electives?

training for a sport or some other extracurricular program and need your education to work around practices?

family is going on an extended vacation and you’d like to keep up with your studies while you are away?

a parent looking to create a home-based learning environment for your child and are looking for support?

The DLC will accommodate your learning needs, whenever and wherever you are.

So what do DLC courses look like?

Our web-based information management system, Moodle, houses each course along with all relevant reading materials, videos .

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Who is there to support me?

Our team of professional educators are there to provide guidance if and when it is required.

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Are these courses available to me? What do they cost?

Any Saskatchewan resident under the age of 22 has the option to register as a full-time online learner with the DLC and receive access to our courses free of charge.

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When can I register?

Sun West Distance Learning Centre is a school with rolling registrations which means that learners can register at any point in the year. However, there are certain windows when teacher availability and/or course access is limited.

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